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We are glad to welcome you on our website. It provides detailed information on how to find us, services we provide, the latest news on events taking place in our club. Come and visit us, spend an unforgettable weekend in the countryside with horses.
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Maxima Stables hosted the best Russian athletes who are participating in tournaments of different levels, and are willing to share their knowledge and years of experience with anyone wishing to start horse riding or wants to develop skills in the area.

Welcome to a riding lesson!

Show Jumping

  • Vladimir Beletskiy

    Vladimir Beletskiy

    Member of a Russian National Show Jumping team

    20 years of work experience
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  • Victor Petrov

    Victor Petrov

    Winner of Championships of Belorussia

    15 years of work experience
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  • Vladimir Shaverin

    Vladimir Shaverin

    Training of young horses up to the Grand Prix level

    16 years of work experience
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  • Tatiana Fedotova

    Tatiana Fedotova

    Training of young horses up to the Grand Prix level

    16 years of work experience
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  • Polina Afanasieva

    Polina Afanasieva

    Leading sportsman of Maxima Stables

    6 years of work experience
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  • Marina Bozhneva

    Marina Bozhneva

    Sportsman of Maxima Stables.

    опыт работы 8 лет
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  • Maria Gorbacheva

    Maria Gorbacheva

    Sportsman of Maxima Stables.

    опыт работы 7 лет
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  • Maria Shigal

    Maria Shigal

    Member of a Moscow Regional Dressage team

    12 years of work experience
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Maxima Stables offers three options of stables – summer stables, winter stables and guest stables.

Lounging barrels

There are two indoor and two outdoor barrels. Diameter of each barrel is 18 meters, height of the sidewalls -1.5 meters. To enter the circle for lounging two-meter wide sliding gates are provided.

Automatic walkers

Two German walkers are located in a single complex of winter and guest stables – next to the indoor “barrels”.

Indoor arenas

Arena 68 x 26 meters with mirrors along the sidewalls and “Grand Manage” 80 x 40 meters with stands for 1,000 people.


22 paddocks

Outdoor arenas

4 outdoor arenas with night light and European quality working surface.


Maxima Park Hotel-a country hotel, one of the Maxima Hotels, “4 stars” category.

tel. +7 915 084 24 38

Veterinarian clinic

Modern veterinarian clinic Maxima Vet.

tel. +7 495 995 16 82




В Maxima Stables требуется коновод для работы со спортивными лошадьми. Требования: -стаж работы не менее…


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Уважаемые клиенты! C 26 по 29 апреля в MAXIMA STABLES снова приглашен немецкий берейтор Бернд Остеркамп. Господин…


18 февраля – соревнования по аджилитии Самые азартные собаки, самые скоростные спортсмены,  самые сложные трассы…


На Центральный Московский ипподром вернулась новогодняя елка. Уважаемая Марина Владимировна, искренне хочется поблагодарить Вас за…


Уважаемые постояльцы MAXIMA STABLES! Информируем Вас о повышении стоимости постоя в конюшнях MAXIMA STABLES с…

Сегодня российская команда завоевала командное серебро в зачете среди детей на международных соревнованиях по выездке,…

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